North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation

Securing Tomorrow’s Health Care “Today”


There are many ways you can assist the NCK Health Care Foundation.

  • Gifts of cash and/or securities.
  • Trusts and annuities, which allow you to give during your lifetime, but reserve the income on your gift for your usage.
  • Gifts of real property
  • Bequests in the form of thoughtfully planned wills.
  • Gifts of life insurance.
  • Gifts of home or farmland.
  • Gifts of grain or livestock.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization and your donations are tax deductible. Gifts of all sizes are encouraged and can be a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. Unrestricted donations are always welcomed, or donors may designate their gift to a specific cause. We recognize all donors in our donor book, and honor those who made donations qualifying for our donors club on our commemorative plaques located in the entrance of the hospital. Memorials and honorariums are also a beautiful way to pay tribute to loved ones and friends. Your contribution, large and small are always welcomed. The Foundation’s goal is to support the overall development, promotion, and improvement of health care services in the county. We hope to provide financial assistance for much needed programs including:

  • Recruitment of physicians and health care personnel
  • Procurement and maintenance of modern diagnostic equipment
  • Health care scholarships
  • Community health education programs
  • Capital improvements to the hospital structure

A Letter from the Board

On behalf of the entire board of the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation, I would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who generously donated to the annual Health Care Foundation Radio-thon.  We continue to be amazed by the generosity and support annually on a day when we emphasize raising funds for the Foundation.  We are fortunate to have a health care system with such a strong foundation and a community that supports it in so many ways.  Although the newly remodeled facility offers many, many benefits, we recognize that what makes our system so great, is clearly the people.   We realize that the health care system may face new challenges and changes in the years to come, but our community and the Foundation stands together to face them with great optimism.

A special thank you to KR-92 radio!  They offer the Health Care Foundation the opportunity to use their facility for the entire day. Deb, Christine, and Eric are gracious hosts; their support of the annual Radio-thon and countless other community events does not go unnoticed!   Again, thank you to everyone who supported the annual Radio-Thon.  We not only appreciate the gracious donations that day, but the ongoing support provided by so many people throughout the year and through planned giving and estate bequests.   The support of the Foundation will help ensure that our healthcare continues to be the strength of our community for today, tomorrow, and future generations of Republic County.

If you have questions or would like more information on how you can support the NCK Health Care Foundation, click on the FOUNDATION tab of this web page, contact myself, or any Foundation board member.

Brent Scott

Our Mission

The mission of Republic County Hospital is to provide quality healthcare and enhance quality of life.

Our strength comes from the commitment and compassion of our healthcare team and the support of our community.

“Our Family Caring for Your Family” is the motto of the Republic County Hospital. We feel this statement speaks to the way we deliver health care to our “Community”.

Our 25-bed critical assess health care facility that includes a Intermediate Swing Bed unit, (ISB) is a not-for-profit facility owned by the citizens of Republic County and operated under lease by Great Plains of Republic County, Inc. Constructed in 1960 with expansion project in 1970, 1980, and 2005, the Republic County Hospital and LTC continues to provide up to date health care services to the area. Customer needs and expectations are addressed through a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Foundation Commitment

The NCK Health Care Foundation was formed in 1987 by citizens from around the county concerned about a critical shortage of physicians Republic County was facing and the future health care needs of the area. The Foundation’s mission is to ensure the continued success of Republic County Hospital, and to make sure comprehensive health care is available for future generations of residents. The Foundation works side by side with the staff of Republic County Hospital to achieve these goals.

Membership & Recognition
Donor Club Membership:

  • Director $50,000 and up
  • Patrons $10,000-$49,000
  • Sponsors $1,000-$9,999
  • Donors $500-$999
  • Friends $100-$499        

Jorgensen Scholarship & Application

What is the Peter H. and Nellie T. Jorgensen Scholarship?

Peter H. and Nellie T. Jorgensen held a deep interest and love for the Belleville community. They realized that good health care is a necessity if a community is to remain vital in serving its people. The Jorgensen’s had both been patients in the Republic County Hospital and received excellent care. Their bequest of $124,000 in 1988 to Republic County Hospital was given in gratitude of their success and for the love of their community.

Educational scholarships in Family Health Care are awarded each year by the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee, a Standing Committee of the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation. This committee selects recipients from among applications according to the criteria listed below.

All scholarships are made to those students that are majoring in some area of the family health care field.

Applicants must furnish evidence of acceptance into their professional school or technical area of training in order to be eligible for the scholarship. (Pre-requisite courses are excluded for this scholarship).

The recipient of the Scholarship must agree to serve in Republic County for a specified period of time after completing the course of studies.

The Jorgensen Committee meets on a quarterly basis on the second Wednesday of the months of: January, April, July, and October at Republic County Hospital. Applications must be received no later than the first Wednesday of the months of: January, April, July, and October. All applicants are required to be interviewed by the committee during their regular meeting. The Jorgensen Committee will make final decision of scholarship winners and the amount of each scholarship. Each scholarship winner will be notified by mail of the amount awarded and the required documentation needed in order to received funds.

For more information about the Peter H. & Nellie T. Jorgensen Scholarship, please contact Karrie Holmes at (785)527-6055

Jorgensen Application

The following information below can be submitted in the following ways by mailing to Karrie Holmes 2420 G St. Belleville KS 66935 or attaching and sending to the following e-mail address click here to attach and e-mail information to   Karrie Holmes.

Please attach copies of transcripts from the school that you are presently attending and from colleges, universities, or technical schools that you have previously attended  send to Karrie Holmes 2420 G St. Belleville KS 66935 or attach and send to the following e-mail address

Attach a typed letter which summarizes your background, your goals and objectives in health care education, and why you believe that you are qualified to receive a Jorgensen Scholarship.

Request your advisor to send a letter with his/her comments regarding your eligibility, scholastic standing and other information relevant to this application.

Should you need additional information about applying for a Family Health Care Scholarship, you may write to the Chairman of the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee or call (785)527-2255.



Your scholarship will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Employment or professional service time commences subsequent to attainment of degree earned for which money was provided (i.e. While working as an aide and going to LPN school, time worked DOES NOT fulfill obligation until LPN degree is earned).
  • In most cases, you  may not receive both Jorgensen and State scholarship money. The committee may on special occasions make exceptions with the approval of the NCK Health Care Foundation Board of Directors. Jorgensen money is contingent upon NOT receiving a state scholarship.
  • If you are awarded a Jorgensen scholarship, you will return to work at Republic County Hospital in your chosen field as a full-time or part-time employee. Part-time employee’s hours worked will be prorated to complete the fulfillment of the contract. If a position is not available or you are unable to find work in your chosen field, you are expected to pursue your chosen healthcare profession in Republic County. If you do not return to fulfill your contractual agreement in Republic County, the scholarship must be repaid. If said scholarship is not repaid within 6 months of graduation, any unpaid balance will bear interest at the rate of 12% per annum thereafter. The Foundation may agree to allow you to repay said sum over a period of time not to exceed 36 months not including the 6 months immediately following graduation.
  • Should you leave Republic County prior to the fulfillment of your employment time or service time, the scholarship amount due would be prorated based upon your time of service, with interest beginning to accrue upon the date of the ending of your employment or service.
  • Loan forgiveness shall be in writing from the Chairman of the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee.
  • Funds advanced for programs of study not undertaken or completed will be repaid to the Jorgensen Scholarship.

Republic County Hospital